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Worship - 11am Sundays Via Zoom
Ages 12-18


Want YOUR child involved? 

Relatives Youth Shelter Mission

Youth Engage are doing a service project for the young ladies of the Relatives Youth Shelter. 
We will be gathering all the items together and placing them in the wicker baskets: 
Pampering and Relaxation: 

- Shaving Cream, Feminine hygiene products, Body Wash/soap, Toothpaste, Hair Ties, Brushes, Mini Hand sanitizer, Deodorant, Woven wicker basket , Vaseline, Face mask

Pampering and Sauna

Deodorant, Cologne, hand sanitizer, body wash/soap, face mask, facial masks, toothpaste, tooth brush, hairbrush, small sport ball, Vaseline (petroleum jelly), woven wicker baskets (can be found at goodwill) 

Pampering and Spa 

Nail polish, woven wicker basket, nail file, finger/toenail clipper, nail polish remover, facial mask, face mask, head towels, body wash and soap (scented and unscented), deodorant (unscented), toothpaste, tooth brushes, minis hand sanitizer, Vaseline, hair ties and barrettes, small makeup kits, feminine hygiene products (tampons and pads)

We will be collecting items on April 24th
Time: 10am - 12pm
Place: CN Jenkins (1421 Statesville Avenue)
Thank you for your continued support!


The goal for our youth ministry is to be a support system for parents and a faith formation group for your child.  The youth ministry serves youth ages 12-17 and seeks to answer the question, how do we help our children to be dedicated followers of Christ?  One of the undeniable marks of our society is a distinct youth culture that often presents negative and destructive paths to follow.  We will help our youth to know and follow biblical principles when they encounter the various worldly influences presented today.  We will carry out this ministry goal through the 3 G’s: Give, Grow and Glow.


GIVE- Mission and Outreach
GROW- Discipleship, Worship & Growing in the knowledge of Christ
GLOW- Leadership Development & Community Leaders
Our servant leaders look forward to serving alongside our youth and families.


Servant Leaders

Shivonia Singleton

Shakirah Francis

Rev. Phanta Lansden – Associate Pastor